Otsoa… it’s a scream. Like a howl, to an invented freedom. It is a goal, a place where you must go, you have to arrive. Only the most prepared can do it. It is a dreamlike place, clothed and enveloped by everything that today’s society (is supposed to) lacks. Otsoa is a critique of different social movements with a pyramidal structure that are currently active.

This choreographic piece uses the figure of an actress as the leader of one of these groups, influencing them as if it were a politics, such as a television presenter or the leader of the group of the Big Brother program to direct (using irony) the actions that will determine the change of attitude and transformation of the group of dancers, that with body language, will show all those internal conflicts.

Choreography: Jordi Vilaseca.

Performers: Begoña Martín, Helena Wilhelmsson, Ingrid Magriyà, Aritz López and Jordi Vilaseca.

Texts: Pedro CasasDramaturgy: Pedro Casas and Jordi Vilaseca

Lighting design: David Alcorta

Original music: Luis Miguel Cobo

Scenography: Enric Planas

Costumes: Xabier Mujica

Production: Aritz López

Photography: Asier Bastida

Co-produced by the culture department of the Basque government, Vitoria-Gasteiz Municipal Theater Network and Proyecto Larrua, special thanks: TAE

  • Show selected by the Sarea network 2020 and 2021

  • Show selected by Platea 2020

  • 5 Nominations for the 2021 Max Awards, best dance show, best choreography, best female performer, best actress and best original music