compañía de danza

‘Baserri’ is a journey across Basque Culture, creating parallelisms between the terrestrial (Baserri – the traditional Basque farmhouse), and the mythological (the Basque mythological creatures like Zampanzar and the creatures of the forest).

This work recovers a deeply rooted and strongly embedded way of existing (living, working and socialising), traditionally conceived in the Basque Country. The piece explores how, little by little, such outlines of existence can be dissipated to symbolise a break up with the established norm.  

Choreography: Jordi Vilaseca
Performers: Helena Wilhelmsson, Jordi Vilaseca, Miguel Ballabriga and Aritz López
Set Design: Enric Planas
Sound: Luis Miguel Cobos
Lighting Design: David Alcorta
Costume Design: Xabier Mujika
Production: Mengana producciones
Theatre Arts/Dramaturgy: El mono habitado
With the collaboration of: Gobierno Vasco – Basque Government, ‘Hameka’ and ‘Centros de Danza El Canal’