La casa vacía (The Empty House) tells the story of a recently deceased artist and her partner. The relationship that both have with art, love, oblivion, loneliness, memory, fragility and emptiness. Tell their life stories to be able to heal and to be able to forget. The empty house is a  Dance-Theatre-Documentary piece, where the scenes are divided as if they were a collage. “a collage of life, of images and memories”. The performers are part of this collage in different situations, participating in these memories and other times being witnesses and spectators of them. A piece where Contemporary Dance coexists with the theater through the filming of a documentary that marks a map and journey in the life of a renowned plastic artist and where the performers are submerged, in different ways, in these stories.  

Choreography: Jordi Vilaseca
Performers: Begoña Martín, Ingrid Magrinyà, Maddi Ruiz de Loizaga, Ainhoa ​​Usandizaga, Aritz López.
Texts: Pedro Casas.
Dramaturgy: Jordi Vilaseca & Pedro Casas.
Lighting design: David Alcorta.
Scenography: Enric Planas.
Music: Luis Miguel Cobo.
Costume design: Xabier Mujika
Pictures: Asier Bastida.

Co-produced by: Basque Government, Red de Teatros de Vitoria Gasteiz, Dansa Metropòlitana, Proyecto Larrua and La Faktoria.
Management: dgira / Sandra Bonilla +34679860899