OJO DE BUEY,  a contemporary dance piece inspired by the ox drag tests known as IDI-PROBAK in Euskal Herria that reflects on the link between man and animal.

It offers a dreamlike look at a rural world full of fictional poetic landscapes that coexist and coexist with a recognizable sound space, under the gaze and point of view of the ox. The hard work and physicality of the animal, the struggle for survival and the long-awaited freedom are part of the concepts that make Ojo de Buey question:

Who is the human and who is the animal?

 Choreography: Jordi Vilaseca.
Performers: Helena Wilhelmsson, Jordi Vilaseca, Aritz López
Lighting Design: David Alcorta
Costumes: Larrua Project
Original Music: Bach
Sound space: Aritz López
Photography: Maider Jimenez, Lironda Estudio
Co-production: Basque Government Culture Department Vitoria-Gastiez